Éduc’alcool has adopted the Code of Ethics of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry in Quebec.

The industry itself has chosen to impose these rules of conduct, which go above and beyond current laws and regulations. The Code of Ethics governs packaging, labelling, advertising, promotion, target markets and commercial practices.

Read the Code of Ethics Brochure

The following associations and organizations, all of them members of Éduc’alcool, have agreed to comply with the Code of Ethics:

  • Association des microbrasseries du Québec
  • Association des négociants embouteilleurs de vins
  • Association des producteurs de cidre du Québec
  • A3 Québec (association of agencies)
  • Association des vignerons indépendants du Québec
  • Conseil des vins du Québec
  • Société des alcools du Québec
  • Distilleries Canada – Quebec Section
  • Union québécoise des microdistilleries  

The following organizations have also agreed to the Code of Ethics:

  • Association Restauration Québec
  • Restaurants Canada – Quebec Section
  • Corporation des propriétaires de bars, brasseries et tavernes du Québec

Like Rubin’s famous vase, the logo depicts two people facing each other, representing those (in grey) who appear before the Ethics Council (in blue) to learn about their responsibilities regarding the sale and promotion of alcoholic beverages. The image of an alcohol glass is created by the outline of the two faces. 


Members of the public may file a complaint with the Ethics Council if there has been a failure to comply with the Code of Ethics. The Ethics Council is a completely independent body and its decisions are made public.

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